A new day….


Friday was sure a roller coaster of a ride for the Rust community.  With all the updates and wipes and server restarts… it was very frustrating.  As of now, 4am on Saturday, things feel pretty OK.  There are several servers that may not have updated at this point causing them to have a zero population count or not be listed in the server list at all.

The door lock bug is fixed; on server restarts the locks don’t disappear.  Though, I did hear that you may have short term memory loss after a server restart and need to enter your codes for your doors to unlock them; just that first time though.  You should remember them again after that.  Animals are broken.  Like… severely broken.  They don’t move.  You can kill and harvest them as usual, but they are anchored to their coordinates.  The aggressive animals (wolf and bear) cause you no harm.  Go ahead… pet one… I dare ya.

Ferns.  Ferns were added.  As a warning though, at night in the snow a silhouetted fern looks a lot like a giant ass spider creepin’ around.  Caught me off-guard a couple times tonight.

Building and demolition is unchanged.  As is the ‘Used to Gather Resources’ tool.  Really?  Someone couldn’t take like 2 minutes to enter the proper name.  Seems to me this was changed on purpose from the ‘Stone Hatchet’ to ‘Used to Gather Resources’ for a reason… I’ll be damned if I know what it is though.

I’m hoping that at this point we can run until at least next Friday without an update or wipe on the server.

Goodnight…err… morning?  Whatever.

From bad to worse…(and then better again)


4:45pm PST

The last few hours have been quite the adventure for all Rustonians.  We have updated and wiped and restarted our server a number of times trying to stay current with the updates coming out of Facepunch for Rust.  There were a number of hurriedly deployed updates that fixed some things and broke others and ultimately caused version incompatibility issues as they rolled out.  Our server is now able to accept connections from the latest client update.  A special shout-out to db_arcane for being the [m]`Suckapunch guinea pig this afternoon.  Right off he noticed that animals have no AI.  They just stand there….pose no threat.  Don’t give chase, don’t run and cause no injury.  Hrm.  The lock bug is fixed. Server restarts no longer make locks disappear; locking you in your base or out of your base.  That there is a win for the day.

1:45pm PST

OK.  [m]`Suckapunch Rust is back online after an update and wipe.  The wipe was required with this update and the update was required for clients to connect.  Player db_arcane was able to connect to the server for me and verified that it wiped and was functional.  I have no idea how many bugs or issues still exist….but, at least folks can log in and play.  Good luck and stay Rusty!

PS – Friday Dev Blog was posted, go check it out.

1:15pm PST

It appears there is already another Rust update for servers and clients that has a lot of the below bugs worked out.  Phew.  I knew crossing my fingers was going to help.  I am not sure if the door locks are still bugged or not.  If someone finds out before I do, please comment on this post or in the forums.

12:50pm PST

It appears that the latest Rust update has made the game unplayable.  I am at work and can’t load the game up to see if our server has updated yet or not — or if the client update won’t let you connect to the server if it hasn’t been updated.  According to my sources, today’s update really borked the whole game.  FPS drops, can’t place sleeping bags, boxes or furnaces, Locks are still broken on server restarts and damage indicator (blood on screen) is stuck and doesn’t go away.  Lets hope for another update from Gary and crew before the evening hours hit and players come out to play.  *crosses fingers*

TGIF – Rust Tip of the Day



Likely a bug and not an intended feature, I recently found out that the Hazmat Helmet – you know, the one that looks like an astronaut helmet or old-timey scuba helmet – provides more head protection than any other headgear in the game. I suspect this will change in the future as it just doesn’t make sense. But, for now… don that atrocious fishbowl hat and protect yourself from being brained with a rock or sniped with the Bolt Action. (the rest of the hazmat gear actually AMPLIFIES attack damage to your person and is only beneficial when needing protection from radiation)

In other news, we are looking for our daily DevBlog and maybe a server update today. If there is a server update, we most certainly will need to wipe in order to apply the update. Stay tuned.

Profile Pictures/Avatars


Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to add a profile picture or avatar to your [m]`Suckapunch Gaming account right from our site. WordPress has partnered with Gravatar for a unified profile picture platform. Essentially, that means that if you create a WordPress.com or Gravatar.com account and select an avatar, that avatar will be used across most WordPress powered websites. There are some plugins for WordPress for creating local profile pictures but most of them have been abandoned by their developers. I will continue looking into this avenue to streamline the process, but in the interim go ahead and head over to Gravatar.com and get setup if you would like a profile picture or avatar on your [m]`Suckapunch Gaming profile.

Click HERE to register with Gravatar.com and setup your custom profile picture/avatar.

Annnddd…we’re live. Or, at least undead.


Now that I have been assimilated to the [m] and there was talk about having a REAL website, I have launched suckapunch.net. I am still trying to learn the ways magic of WordPress and doubt the current layout will be the permanant one but, I think its finally ready to let others see it. Welcome to [m]`Suckapunch Gaming’s new home. Here we have forums, game server info, a blog for news & updates as well as a handy-dandy donation widget. I suspect there will be more content added soon and hope to see some action in the forums before too long.

In the meantime, expect to check here for server updates, wipes, outages and events. Also, you should expect the layout, look & feel of this site to change as we work out the bugs and decide on some features and themes to include.