Vanilla – Creative 1.8.3

Server: mc.suckapunch.net (COMING SOON)

Dynmap: http://mcmap.suckapunch.net:8001 (COMING SOON)


Modded – Survival – FTB Infinity 1.7 (v1.4.0)

Server: mcmod.suckapunch.net

Dynmap:  http://mcmodmap.suckapunch.net:9001

Install the FTB Launcher from HERE.

With the Feed The Beast Launcher open, in the bottom right corner, create new profile.  Enter your Mojang registered email address, password and Minecraft player name.  Adjust the amount of RAM that Minecraft should use on the options tab.  The default 1GB is usually not enough for this mod pack.  If your FTB launcher or Minecraft crash after launching… this is why.

Finally, hit the Launch button.

*These are  whitelisted servers and you will need to be added before you can join.  To request access please post in the Minecraft/Whitelist Request forum.  Don’t forget to tell us your in-game Minecraft player name as well as what server you would like to request access to.  Thank you!