Grand Theft Auto V: Released on PC


Alright folks… GTAV has been released on PC as of April 13th at about 4PM, Pacific time. I’ve got about 9 hours in so far and man, I forgot how much fun I had playing this game. I played it on console until I migrated to gaming on PC. That, and my 7 years old step-son gave the game disc away at school. No, he didn’t sell it…just gave it away. *sigh*

The game play is smooth, graphics are great and I really haven’t found any gotchas other than if you ALT+TAB out or change focus to another window. In these cases it prevents you from returning to the game window and you are forced to close and re-launch the game.

Creating your in-world game character is quite detailed. My character inadvertently looks a bit like what I expect Macklemore will look like at age 50 or so. I need a fur coat to complete that look. I don’t think it will be only 99 cents, however. Instead of picking things like complexion, tone and shape… you start by picking your parents, individually. Then, using a slider to say if you look more like mom or dad. From there you can pick complexion and features. High or low cheekbones, crooked nose, square chin; the options are extensive. I am sure you will spend more time on this screen than you anticipate, just playing with the character appearance options here.

Joining your steam friends or GTAV friends is pretty easy and pain free, though occasionally you will get shuffled to a different server after completing in-game missions and jobs. Not sure what that’s about. But, its easy enough to re-connect to them or them to you. Oh, and speaking of friends and different servers… PC GTAV servers can host 30 players at a time like PS4 and XBONE variants. XB360 and PS3 were limited to 20 player servers.

Currently the game is retailing for $59.99(USD). There are some discounts to be found through key retailers such as and, and I am sure others. Unfortunately if you missed out on the pre-load (notice they weren’t calling it a pre-order to avoid the recent grass-roots movement to boycott all pre-orders) you won’t get the bonus in-game cash. It sure helps you get established a little quicker beings you can buy an apartment with a 10-car garage on day one.

If you enjoy open-world shenanigans then GTAV is for you. Pick it up and join us for some fun, some laughs and some mayhem!

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