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    My name is MotorcycleGoat. IRL, my name is Greg or Goat. Yes, people actually call me that. I am 37, married, a gaggle of kids, I work in IT as a Server Administrator for a large health organization, I ride a motorcycle, have tattoos and shoot guns. I like playing survival games or adventures games… but lately have gotten a kick out of Battlefield 4. Come play with me!



    My name is Mr. Noodles/Evil Huntz. IRL, my name is Brandon. I’m 14 and I’m on my schools Ultimate Frisbee team. I’ve started getting into Arma 3 but for the most part play League of Legends, 7 days to die, and Battlefield 4.






    I am DooMZ :-)



    Alright I guess I can do a proper introduction… My name is Shawn, I am 28, I have been gaming since I was… Well I don’t remember exactly. If I had to guess, I’d have to say 8 years old.

    I started gaming with DOS games such as Duke Nukem, eventually evolving to games like Half life, Counter Strike, or Harvest Moon (PSX). These days I am more into survival games like DayZ, Rust, or 7 Days to Die.

    As far as other games, the following is a list of everything I like to play. If there is anything that interests you, please feel free to add me on steam and join me in game.

    7 Days To Die
    Beasts of Prey
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    Day of Defeat
    Don’t Starve
    The Forest
    How To Survive
    Infestation: Survivor Stories (AKA WarZ)
    Payday 2
    The Stomping Land



    Hey, guys! My name is David, and my Steam name is Vladdiator. I first heard about Suckapunch when I started playing with a friend on the Rust server. I’m 28 years old, and I’m married. I don’t have any kids, but I do have 2 miniature dachshunds and some saltwater fish… I’m currently finishing up my PhD in Molecular Genetics, and I’m really ready to get out of school! I use gaming as a way to relax and take my mind off the stress associated with research. I prefer survival/crafting games, so you’ll usually find me playing Rust or Life is Feudal, which has become my new favorite game. When I play these games, I tend to play peacefully, and I enjoy building and helping others.

    Side note: It’s pretty lonely on the LiF server, so come join me! The game is enjoyably complex, and I’m surprised that more people aren’t playing it on the server… I’ve got a small town going, but it would be much more fun to work together with another player!



    Hey Vlad, thanks for joining! :) As of late, you’ll find some of our members playing Rust or 7 Days to Die. Others have been giving Battlefield Hardlines a go, as well as GTA IV.

    I know it’s not quite the same as it used to be when we all played Rust together. Now we seem to be somewhat spread out among several games, but add us all to steam from the members page and I’m sure you’ll find someone to game with you.

    PS – I responded to you Life is Feudal Post.



    Thanks! I’ll be sure to send out some friend requests soon! Have fun, guys!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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