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    In Ragnarok M Guilds, you are ranked based on your Guild Contribution. Contribution points (Medals) can in turn be used to upgrade your characters stats using the VALKYRIE BLESSING and the AESIR MONUMENT. This is also how the the Guild will level up. Before we can level up, we need Guild Funds as well as Emperium, which are earned by completing tasks and earning contribution. Emperium can be earned from regular quests, defeating MVP Bosses, or purchasing in the Exchange shop.
    Below are some of the ways you can raise your contribution and earn Guild Funds to help us achieve our next Guild level.

    First, you’ll need to enter the Guild Hall.  The Guild Hall is where you go for all Guild related activities, including DOJO CHALLENGESGUILD DONATIONS, GUILD FACILITYGUILD QUESTSVALHALLA RUINSAESIR MONUMENT,  and VALKYRIE BLESSINGS.

    To enter the Guild Hall, click “MORE >>> GUILD”, then click the yellow “ENTER HALL” button. Once you’re in the hall, you can speak with all the NPC’s to access different features. The Guild menu also has shortcuts in green to the three main NPC’s you’ll want to visit.


    • Dojo Challenges
      Dojo Challenges are the quickest way to earn contribution. You will first need to be in a party with other guild members, then you can speak to the Dojo NPC to choose a challenge. Each challenge will get more and more difficult as you progress. Once you finish a challenge, your contribution will be added automatically, along with any Guild Funds associated with the challenge reward.


    • Guild Donations
      Talk to the Donations NPC in the Guild Hall to see what items are currently required. These items will refresh every so often, so check back as much as you can. Donating items will give you contribution and funds for the guild, with rare items like Emperium giving you the most. Guild donations are necessary for the Guild to level up, along with Guild Funds. Emperium are the most sought after item as it is required for each Guild level. Emperium can be earned from regular quests, defeating MVP Bosses, or purchasing in the Exchange shop.


    • Guild Quests
      There are several NPC’s and items you can interact with in the Guild Hall which will give you quests to complete for extra contribution. These quests often require other guild members to assist you, so use the Guild chat if you need help.


    • Assistant
      If you haven’t unlocked the assistant yet, you can do so by clicking the “ASSISTANT” button at the top of the screen, next to PARTY. Once unlocked, you will find several objectives you can accomplish that will reward you with many different things, including Guild Contribution.


    • Guild Rank
      Your rank within the guild is based on how much contribution you have. This does not happen automatically as I need to adjust your rank title manually, so please be patient if you’re waiting for your promotion. Ranks will be as follows:
      Peon: 0 – 999 Contribution Medals
      Baron: 1000 – 2999 Contribution Medals
      Elder: 3000 – 5999 Contribution Medals
      Elite: 6000+ Contribution Medals
      *Elite members must contribute weekly to keep their Elite status*


    • Valkyrie Blessings
      Head to the Valkyrie Blessing NPC to exchange contribution medals and zeny for blessings. These blessings will give you stat bonuses of your choice.


    • Aesir Monument
      Once you have received 40 Silver Medals (rewarded from Monster Resistance quests), you can enter the Valhalla Ruins. In the ruins you will be faced with several challenges to complete. Complete all the challenges and you will unlock the Aesir Monument. This Monument allows you to upgrade several of your stat bonuses, again, in exchange for contribution medals.


    • Guild Facility
      At Guild level 3, we will unlock the Guild Facility. The Facility offers various rewards by providing access to things like the Incredible Vending Machine, Black Cat Cafe, Weird Cat Box, and the Magical Sewing Machine. Only when we reach level 3 will we know what these will offer us.
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