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Grand Theft Auto V: Released on PC


Alright folks… GTAV has been released on PC as of April 13th at about 4PM, Pacific time. I’ve got about 9 hours in so far and man, I forgot how much fun I had playing this game. I played it on console until I migrated to gaming on PC. That, and my 7 years old […]

H1Z1: Is it worth it?


It’s been awhile… so I thought I would make a quick post about my experience so far with H1Z1.  I had thought, like many of you probably have: “Why should I pay for a game now, that will be free, later?”  Aside from the fact its planned to be a free-to-play title upon completion, the […]

The Long Dark: First Impressions


I picked The Long Dark up during the final days of Steam’s Holiday Sale.  The survival genre is really where I like to spend my gaming time, and The Long Dark has provided a unique and interesting world to test your survivor abilities.  Unlike games like Don’t Starve, Rust, Minecraft or 7 Days to Die […]

I Am Bread: First Look


Yes, you read that right, I Am Bread. What is this game about you ask? Well to put it simply, it’s about a slice of bread on a journey to become toast. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Not only do you have to get toasted to beat the level, you need to venture across kitchens, bathrooms, […]

Don’t Starve… Together!


That’s right, Don’t Starve, the much loved game which you’ve devoted hours of your life to, has gone multiplayer as a standalone version called, “Don’t Starve Together”. For most of you, myself included, this is exactly what the game has been missing. As much as I’ve enjoyed picking berries, catching rabbits, slaying dogs, and running […]

The Flock: First Impressions


The Flock is a new game being developed by Vogelsap on top of the Unity engine. Presently they are accepting applications for their closed Alpha launch. I happened to pick up key for it from Echelon here on our forums.  I ran through a couple of matches with random internet folks and wanted to drop […]

Metro 2033


First impression… after my PC crashed 3 times at the same scene transition of the game, I realized this game was taxing my R9 290x more than any other game has to date.  So much so it caused my undersized PSU to fail in its delivery of power to necessary system components.  After under-clocking the […]