The [m]. Its a fist. Ya know… like a suckapunch. Suckapunch was started way back and has turned into a collection of casual gamers with a diverse mix of age, race, backgrounds, nationalities and flavors of humor. But, the one thing they all have in common is their love for gaming (without taking it too seriously). C’mon… they are just video games after all.

Currently [m]`suckapunch only hosts 4 game servers: Rust, 7 Days to Die, Life is Feudal: Your Own & FTB Infinity Modded Minecraft. You can find the connection information for those servers HERE and can donate to support them in the right sidebar; every little bit helps.

We’ve found that an involved and invested community of gamers is a lot more fun to play with. And by invested, we don’t mean specifically with dollars but, with time and effort also. If you enjoy playing on our servers and with our members, consider throwing a few bucks at the hosting costs and stick around for awhile. It helps keep our community involved, engaged and it will make you feel good too.

Add us on Steam via our Members Page, join our TeamSpeak 3 server, or come join us in chat in our Steam Group to see what we’re all about.  Come have fun and don’t take that game so seriously.

Some games we have been known to play in the past, present, and future include:

7 Days to Die (Server Info)
Arma III
Battlefield Hardline
Beasts of Prey
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Civilization V
Counterstrike: Global Offensive
Don’t Starve Together
The Forest
Killing Floor 2
Life is Feudal: Your Own (Server Info)
Minecraft (Server Info)
Payday 2
Portal 2
Rust (Server Info)